[description]Life Lived Well While Looking Up[/description]


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Welcome!  Pull up a chair. Grab your favorite drink. Relax. Look UP. Christ is here with us. Right now. Pretty amazing, huh? Come and walk beside me. I’m a normal wife and mom. I’m human. I mess up, daily. Hourly.  I love Jesus and want desperately to follow Him no matter where He leads. I long to become more like Christ. I am thankful that this world is not my home.

Will you?  Walk with me, I mean? The journey can be rough at times. We can help hold each other up. Sometimes life takes us through valleys where there is pain. Sorrow. Hurt. We all bear scars from these valleys. Walk with me, won’t you? By looking UP, we can heal. We can learn and grow. We can become more and more like Jesus.