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A Stormy Diffuser Duo

Last night we had some major storms in our area again. My head felt like a it weighed a million pounds. I had discomfort in my face – cheekbones and forehead. I wasn’t breathing clearly at all.  Bedtime finally came around. I thought the sleep would help me feel more like myself. Thankfully, this diffuser duo did the trick.


I added 2 drops of Arborvitae and 4 drops of the Respiratory Blend to my diffuser right before falling asleep.  As I rested my head on my pillow, I could FEEL my sinuses opening up. Within moments, I was breathing clearly and no longer had discomfort.


Just in time for my daughter to wake up and be awake for the next few hours. At least there are oils for that too!

What are your favorite blends to deal with stormy discomfort?


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