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Foaming Hand Wash and Armpits

I like finding new uses for my products. I made a fun discovery today.  It involved my armpits.

You see, since having babies, my au natural aroma has become, um, intense. Living in Arkansas and dealing with an Arkansas summer has made things even more pungent.  I don’t like using traditional deodorants. I don’t like using antiperspirants because we were made to sweat and stopping that process just isn’t healthy.  I have been trying the doTERRA deodorant, but unless I apply several times a day, it hasn’t held up well to triple digits and humidity.

All of my anti-stink trial products have worked better when I have used the mud mask weekly in my pits.

Well, today I noticed my own stench as I got ready to pick the kids up from school. I didn’t have time for a full on shower. I decided to grab the foaming hand wash and just wash my pits. I figured that it was good at cleaning all the nasties off of our hands, so why shouldn’t it do the same in the pits?

You know what?

It worked!

It stopped the stink immediately AND it’s kept the stink away for a couple hours! Now, I haven’t gone out to mow or anything, but I have been doing housework and chasing kids and we need to keep the house pretty warm to keep electric bills down.

Have you ever tried washing your armpits with the On Guard Foaming Hand Cleanser?



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