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Toddler vs Wasp

This is Penelope. Today is her third birthday. Just last week, she was the first of our children to tangle with a wasp.

We have a really cool park nearby at our landfill that has a ton of shade and amazing wooden structures in the shape of garbage and recycling trucks and cans. The kids LOVE it.  I had a play date there fall through, so I texted a mom friend waiting in the same school pickup line that I was. She was game!

We got to the playground just  a few minutes later.  The kids all ran ahead and started playing as we moms tried to keep up. At the first play truck, I noticed several wasps. I told Penelope to not go down the ladder because of the wasp sitting on it. She went down the blue twisty slide instead then took off for the next play set on the other side of the park.

By the time I made it over, she had climbed to the top of the giant recycling truck. And then it happened.

The scream.

She just kept screaming. And screaming.

I finally got over to her and helped her down. She couldn’t speak to tell me what happened. All she did was scream. Finally, she was able to point to her arm and let me know she didn’t hurt anywhere else.  That was a relief. I knew she had been stung by an asshole wasp. I was just thankful she was only stung once.

So, I figured we would stay a few more minutes and she would calm down. I got out the oils had with me – all I had was a homemeade roller of helichrysum and roman chamomile. I rolled that on. It didn’t swell much – much less than I expected. But the screaming wouldn’t stop. So, we packed up and left a whole 10 minutes after arriving.

Poor girl screamed the entire 10 minute drive home. My boys were getting really scared. 

We made it into the house and I went straight for my mud mask. It had helped a sting I had a few weeks ago.  I applied it right on the sting. I put some lavender on her feet to help her calm down. I gave her an ice pack and then we snuggled. She calmed down so quickly.

Her arm looked great! No major swelling. No discomfort after a few minutes. A week later, she still has a little red dot, but that’s it!  She does have a deep fear of wasps, well, any flying insects, at this point. We had a housefly in the house today. She flipped out each time she saw it and said it was a wasp that was going to sting her.


Have you had a run in with a stinging bug?  Did you use oils to help support your body in recovery? What did you use?

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