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Our Toxic Air

I used to be a teacher. It seems like a lifetime ago. I taught music for 9 years in public schools all over the US. One of my favorite jobs was teaching elementary music in Knoxville, TN. I was placed mainly at one little school. The building was older. Quaint. Homey.  But filled with problems.

I noticed each of my three years there that I was getting sicker and sicker. I was missing more days of school each year. My last year there, I ended up with strep throat three times in a row followed by mononucleosis then walking pneumonia.  It was no joke.

As I talked to other teachers there, they also struggled with weak immune systems – often with respiratory issues.  Issues would get worse each year.

I suspected there was a culprit in the building. In the air we were breathing. Everything smelled musty. Teachers would use plug ins to mask the smell. Air sprays were used in between classes to de-funk the room.

In the fourth grade classrooms, the paperback books were warping on the shelves.  In the library, there were four dehumidifiers running constantly.  My own classroom housed a dehumidifier that I had to empty two to three times a day. If you would open the cabinets under my window, you would find plants growing through the walls and poking out into the cabinet. There were plants growing in the window sills inside the classrooms.

We had a mold problem. We also had a toxin problem.

The mold definitely wasn’t good for us.  The fragrance products were just as bad if not worse.

I ended up moving away and teaching elsewhere before learning about essential oils. Looking back, I could have helped to change the health and mood of that school with diffusers and oils.

Diffusing essential oil helps to clean the air. It does not simply mask stink. It cleans the stink away. It can help control spores in the air as well. As a bonus, we can use oils to effect the mood of those in the room. I could have helped everyone get rid of the cancer-causing fragrance products like plug ins and sprays and equipped them with diffusers and oil to clean the air, improve focus, and uplift mood in themselves and their students. Man, if I could go back in time…

I love the doTERRA diffusers. I also love Stadler Form diffusers. The Jasmine diffuser is actually the first diffuser I have ever owned. I purchased it over four years ago and have used it almost daily. My boys use it now in their bedroom. It’s still being used daily and still going strong. My daughter even tried to unintentionally fry it by over filling it and resting it in a puddle of water while she turned it on.  (I don’t recommend doing that – it was really scary). But it is still working just like new!

So, I can get you 25% off any Stadler Form products plus free shipping on any order over $150.  Just use the code AB25.  As a bonus, there will be a 50% off code released for the first 15 days of September! You will need to register for this online event and on September 1, you will be emailed the special code AND entered to win a FREE diffuser!

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