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Toilets, Pee, and Essential Oils

The door creaked open. My hand gently and tentatively pushed it further.  First, the sight hit. Glistening wet. Side and bottom of the tub dripping. Pools of yellow under the toilet. Dried yellow ring where the garbage can was.

Then the smell.  Oh, the smell. Pungent. A smell that only three young boys sharing a bathroom can create.

I drop to my knees, wet wipe in hand. Slowly, I wiped a few passes on the dry parts of the floor. A point needed to be made. Yellow. Dusty. So very yellow.  I could feel my stomach turn and the gagging begin.

“Boys!  Get in here!  NOW!”

The bathroom was beyond the ability of 3 boys 8 and under to clean. Their little daily chores had fallen by the wayside. Teachable moment.

“Boys, here are a few tips for you. You do know that every step in this bathroom has been you stepping in pee, either wet or dry. Gross. And then you track it to your beds. And the carpet. And all over the house. Gross. Step 1 – turn on the light so you can see your target. Step 2 – take aim. Step 3 – maintain your aim – concentrate and keep the firehose aimed at the bowl and not across the room or at the bathtub. Step 4 – wipe up your dribbles right away with a wet wipe. Step 5 – flush the dang toilet.”

I am soooo thankful for my oils!  I used my On Guard concentrated cleanser to get the mess clean. They watched and learned and helped as they could. At convention this year, we heard from an amazing researcher about the power of On Guard oil.  Just 3 drops of this amazing blend added to 32oz of water (shaken up) does an amazing job at getting things TRULY clean and keeping them that way at the microbial level.

I used the On Guard concentrated cleanser to get the job done.  I am now using just On Guard in a spray bottle of water to keep it clean between deep cleans every week or so.

Three boys in one bathroom. Ages 5, 7, and almost 9.

What’s the biggest mess source in your home? How can I help you address it?

Do you need this in your life? Just contact me and I can help you.



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