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Those Poor Fingers: Rose Touch Oil

Go directly to the Emergency Room. Take a bag packed for 3-4 days. Once Henry is stable, he will be taken to Children’s Hospital where he will stay in the PICU for at least a day and then be transferred to the diabetes floor where you will learn all about this new diagnosis and new way of life.


That call came in at 7:45pm on Oct 11, 2017. Henry hadn’t been feeling well for about a week and I took him in to be seen. He had thrown up a few times, but I thought it was the stomach bug that was going around, especially after his brother had the bug.  He was drinking a ton of water and was urinating a lot.  He looked so thin and fragile. All he wanted to do was sleep.

At the doctor, they drew labs and sent us on our way. To celebrate how well Henry did for lab work, he got to drink a large milkshake. He needed to put on weight. He was only 44lbs at 9 years old!

When we got home, he didn’t touch his dinner despite saying he was hungry. He just wanted to sleep. He was so hard to wake. He napped at 5pm and then put himself to bed at 7pm.

And then the phone call.  We rushed to the ER and spent several hours there getting Henry hydrated and stable. He was in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis). His blood sugar was over 860. His a1c was 14.2. He was very sick and could have ended up in a coma at any point.  He got to ride the helicopter to Children’s while I drove to follow.

Now, type 1 diabetes is our life.  We have adapted fairly well to all of the math and finger sticks and injections.  Henry checks his blood sugar 8-12 times a day, every day. He gets 4-6 injections each day. There is no cure, yet.

He is such a rockstar. He is running with his diagnosis and teaching others about type 1 diabetes. He isn’t letting it change much about his life. He takes his shots like a champ. He keeps a good attitude during the roller coasters of high and low blood sugars (he is in honeymoon, so his pancreas randomly sends out its own insulin).

But his poor fingers!

We are using the FastClick lancet to minimize pain and scarring. He won a Genteel lancet so he can test anywhere on his body. It is a big help in letting his fingers heal a bit, but it takes significantly longer than the fastclick.

But those fingers!

We have started putting Rose oil on them every night. They are looking much better. And the best part, Henry gets to reap ALL the benefits of rose oil daily!

A welsh actor, Richard Burton, once said, “If I had a chance for another life, I would certainly choose a better complexion.” Same, my friend, same. While we can’t change our complexion, we can use dōTERRA’s new Rose Touch, which is a gift from the universe when it comes to getting our glow back. This precious oil comes from the Bulgarian rose and requires one of the most labor-intensive processes to produce. Rose essential oil keeps you happy and uplifted. Just apply a little to your pulse points throughout the day to keep you calm and collected. Want to know even more about this amazing new oil? Check out the Spotlight on dō

dōTERRA Science also conducted an interesting study on the benefits of rose on other plants. You can read about it here: dōTERRA Science Blog.


As for me, Rose helps me keep my cool when I am feeling stressed about all of the demands of each day or worrying about Henry’s numbers. I am his pancreas for the time being (well, hubby too). Rose also helps me get through my monthly cycles. Just roll it from hip to hip to help calm all that foolishness down.

Have you tried Rose Touch?

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