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Those Poor Fingers: Rose Touch Oil

Go directly to the Emergency Room. Take a bag packed for 3-4 days. Once Henry is stable, he will be taken to Children’s Hospital where he will stay in the PICU for at least a day and then be transferred

On Guard Laundry Detergent

My house is full.  Four kids. Three boys, one girl. Sometimes I think our daughter is more rough and tumble than the boys are!  Messes abound. One day, our lovely daughter was playing outside with her brothers. They were digging

Choose Wellness Workshop – September

Would you like to feel better?  Have more energy? Get better sleep? Have less stress? Pay less in health care costs (because you are healthier and use those services less)? Have more vitality through your later years? Join me for

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Siberian Fir Essential Oil

Fantastic news!  One of our new oils released at convention is available RIGHT AWAY!!  Siberian Fir oil replaces White Fir in our collection due to sustainability issues. doTERRA is committed to not depleting the resources in and on our planet.

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Toilets, Pee, and Essential Oils

The door creaked open. My hand gently and tentatively pushed it further.  First, the sight hit. Glistening wet. Side and bottom of the tub dripping. Pools of yellow under the toilet. Dried yellow ring where the garbage can was. Then

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Our Toxic Air

I used to be a teacher. It seems like a lifetime ago. I taught music for 9 years in public schools all over the US. One of my favorite jobs was teaching elementary music in Knoxville, TN. I was placed

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Toddler vs Wasp

This is Penelope. Today is her third birthday. Just last week, she was the first of our children to tangle with a wasp. We have a really cool park nearby at our landfill that has a ton of shade and

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Foaming Hand Wash and Armpits

I like finding new uses for my products. I made a fun discovery today.  It involved my armpits. You see, since having babies, my au natural aroma has become, um, intense. Living in Arkansas and dealing with an Arkansas summer

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A Stormy Diffuser Duo

Last night we had some major storms in our area again. My head felt like a it weighed a million pounds. I had discomfort in my face – cheekbones and forehead. I wasn’t breathing clearly at all.  Bedtime finally came

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