Giving Back


A core part of my team is giving back and lifting up our communities and communities around the world. I TRULY believe that one person can change the world and I am continually taking steps to give back and help others.  Giving back is as essential as breathing.

Some ways this team has given back:

  • Provided Thank You bags to local police officers with a muscle rub sample, soothing oil roller, instructions for use, and a thank you card thanking them for their service to the community.
  • Provided Thank You bags to local fire fighters with a large soothing oil roller, instructions for use, and a thank you card thanking them for serving the community.
  • Donated funds for advertising to a local homebrew club to promote their big fundraiser, Ale on the Border. This fundraiser raised over $6,000 for Antioch Youth and Family – an organization that provides food and staple items to those in need in our community.
  • Donated to Operation Underground Railroad to fight child trafficking.
  • Donated to Mentors International to provide micro loans for women to start their own small businesses.
  • Donated to Days for Girls to provide education about women’s bodies plus provide them with reusable menstrual supplies.
  • Provided teacher support packs – a variety of essential oil samples and instructions left in teacher work rooms on busy days such as parent conference days, holiday party days, and start and end of school days.
  • Holds a business membership to local PTA and helps fund activities through the school year.

Upcoming projects:

  • Donating to Push Ups for Dollars to support our local Children’s Emergency Shelter
  • Partnering with local foster care and adoption agencies on how to use oils for emotional purposes and providing them with oils
  • Leading a large fundraiser for soon-to-be-named local people and organizations (gotta keep it a secret for now!)
  • Volunteering time to provide therapeutic oil applications to hands at local nursing homes around the team/country


I would LOVE to have you partner with me to change the world! What ideas do you have?