Sharing and Biz Training


Everyone needs these oils!!!  You can help and you can be rewarded as well.


There is a place for EVERYONE on this team.  Over 80% of the team members use their membership just for the amazing discount. These people are amazing and form a solid core for the team.  Some notice that over time, friends and family start to take interest, so these members start helping their friends get started with oils.  People who share naturally and casually like this are often called sharers. They can earn commission on those that they help as long as their account is set up correctly to be commission qualified (more on that in another post).

There are some team members whose desire is to run their own business. These people are considered Builders or Leaders. They have a set goal and a plan to get there and work hard to make it happen.


No matter where you see yourself, I am here to support you. Feel free to search through the categories listed with the post or in the drop down menu in the footer.  With me, you will get whatever level of business support you need.

What I offer:

  • Personal mentoring
  • Business coaching
  • Small group support
  • Training videos
  • Conference calls
  • 30-day plan to jump start your business